Why Thoughts Without a Venue?

Well, thank you for asking. I know what you are thinking. No venue? Uh, then what is this? Is this not a venue?

I have a few blogs already, but want to talk about unrelated things sometimes. I even indulged in an occasional off-topic post in the past, but did not love this strategy.

The result is this blog; a venue for the left over, assorted thoughts, which may be lacking any relation to each other at all. Every this-is-the-right-way-to-make-your-blog site has assured me that this is a terrible idea. Blogs, apparently, like an essay, need structure, focus and... hey, look over there!

I would read a blog where each entry is a new subject–and maybe you would, too. If not, well, then what am I still going on for? No one else is here.

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